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- 16th century
The Book of Virtues of Stones by Albertus Magnus
17th century
Gemmarum et Lapidum Historia, Anselmus Boetius de Boodt 1609
Manuscript, Original Appraisal of Crown Jewels of Charles I (taken_10_Jun_1629)
Experiments and Considerations Touching Colours, Robert Boyle 1664.pdf
The History of Jewels, Samuel Chapuzeau 1665
An Essay About Gems, Robert Boyle 1672
The Sceptical Chymist, Robert Boyle 1680
The Sceptical Chymist, Robert Boyle 1680 (1911 edition)
Les Six Voyages de Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, Ecuyer Baron d'Aubonne vol1 (1712 edition)
Les Six Voyages en Turquie, en Perse et aux Indes, Volume 1, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier (1724 ed.)

Voyages and Travels in All Parts of the World vol 8 Extract From Tavernier's Voyages, english translation John Pinkerton 1808

Travels in India by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier Baron d'Aubonne vol 1-2, english translation Valentine Ball 1889
18th century

Veteris gemmae ad Christianum vol 1-2, Francesco Vettori 1732

Antiquities Explained Being a Collection of Figured Gems, Illustrated from the Classics, George Ogle 1737

A Treatise on Diamonds and Pearls, David Jeffries 1751

A Treatise on the Ancient Method of Engraving on Precious Stones, Lorenz Natter 1754
Traite des Pierres Traduit du Grec Avec des notes Physiques et Critiques, Theophrastus 1754
Argonautica Hymni Libellus de lapidibus, H. Stephani et A.C. Eschenbachii 1764

A Select Collection of Drawings From Curious Antique Gems after Rembrandt, Thomas Worlidge 1768

Catalogue of a General Collection of Ancient and Modern Engraved Gems vol 1-2, James Tassie 1791
Jane de St. Remy de Valois, Countess de La Motte & the Diamond Necklace vol 1-2 Autobiography 1791
A Catalogue of one Hundred Impressions from Gems, Nathaniel Marchant 1792
Ueber die Gemmenkunde, Johann Gurlitt 1798
19th century
Mediaeval Gem Engraving, Charles William King 18xx
The Mineralogy of Derbyshire, John Mawe 1802
Traite Des Pierres Precieuses Part 1 et 2 Cyprien, Prosper Brard 1808
Travels in the Interior of Brazil Particulary in the Gold and Diamond Districts, John Mawe 1812
A Treatise on Diamonds and Precious Stones, John Mawe 1813
A Treatise on Diamonds and Precious Stones, John Mawe 1815
Gems Principally from the Antique, Richard Dagley 1822
The Linnaean System of Conchology, John Mawe 1823
The Natural History of the Bible trees plants flowers gems etc, Thaddeus M Harris 1824
Introduction To The Study Of Conchology, John Mawe 1825
The Voyagers Companion or Shell Collectors Pilot, John Mawe 1825
Familiar Lessons on Mineralogy and Geology, John Mawe 1826
An Essay on Ancient Coins, Medals, and Gems, Robert Walsh 1828
Manuel Complet du Verrier et du Fabricant de Glaces Pierres Precieuses etc, M Julia de Fontenelle 1829
La Science des Pierres Precieuses, A Caire-Morant, Leroux-Dufie 1833
Scripture Natural History Serpents Minerals Gems in the Bible, W Carpenter 1833
Short Description of the Mines of Precious Stones in the Burma Ruby Mines, Pere Giuseppe d Amato 1833
Taschenbuch der Edelsteinkunde fur Mineralogen etc, Johann Reinhard Blum 1834
Erklarendes Verzeichniss, Koniglich Preussischen Gemmensammlung, Ernst Heinrich Toelken 1835
A Catalogue of the Collection of Pearls and Precious Stones of Henry P Hope, Bram Hertz 1839
The Cairn a Gathering of Precious Stones from Many Hands, Sarah Davison Nicolas 1846
Travels in the Interior of Brazil into the Gold and Diamond Districts 1836-1841, George Gardner 1846
Der Diamant Eine Komödie in fünf Acten, Friedrich Hebbel 1847
Jewelry and the Precious Stones, Hipponax Roset 1856
Jewelry and the Precious Stones, Joseph Rupert Paxton 1856
The History of Samuel Titmarsh and The Great Hoggarty Diamond, William M Thackeray 1857
Traite Complet des Pierres Precieuses Contenant Leur Etude Chimique etc, Charles Barbot 1858
Antique Gems, Charles William King 1860
Diamonds, William Pole 1861
Histoire d un diamant, Leon Gozlan 1862
Antique Gems, Charles William King 1866
A Popular Treatise on Gems, Lewis Feuchtwanger 1867
Self-instructor in the Art of Hair Work Hair Jewelry of Every Description, Mark Campbell 1867
The Natural History of Gems or Decorative Stones, Charles William King 1867
The Natural History of Precious Stones Gems and of the Precious Metals, C W King 1867
The Science of Gems Jewels Coins and Medals Ancient and Modern, Archibald Billing 1867
Explorations of the Highlands of the Brazil the Gold and Diamond Mines Vol 1-2, Richard F Burton 1869
An Elementary Treatise on Quartz and Opal, George William Traill 1870
Delle Gemme Notizie Raccolte, Augusto Castellani 1870
Les Pierres Precieuses et les Principaux Ornements, Jean Pierre Rambosson 1870
A Treatise on Diamonds and Pearls, David Jeffries 1871
Gems Notes and Extracts Augusto Castellani, Mrs. John Brogden 1871
Rambles of An Archaeologist Among Old Books and in Old Places, Frederick William Fairholt 1871
Antique Gems and Rings vol 1-2, Charles William King 1872
The Diamond Fields of South Africa, Anon 1872
The Diamond Fields of South Africa, K 1872
Adamantia, The Truth About the South African Diamond Fields, Augustus F Lindley 1873
Diamonds and Precious Stones, Their History Value Harry Emanuel 1873
Early Christian Numismatics and Other Antiquarian Tracts, Charles W King 1873
Stories in Precious Stones, Helen Zimmern 1873
The Tourmaline, Augustus Choate Hamlin 1873
The Tourmaline 2nd ed, Augustus Choate Hamlin 1873
To the Cape for Diamonds, Frederick Boyle 1873
A Manual of Precious Stones and Antique Gems, Hodder Michael Westropp 1874
Diamonds and Precious Stones, Louis Dieulafait 1874
Magnificent Diamond and Valuable Sapphires, James Tennant 1874
The Science of Gems Jewels Coins and Medals Ancient and Modern, Archibald Billing 1875
Antique and Renaissance Gems and Jewels in Her Majesty's Collection at Windsor Castle, CDE Fortnum 1876
Catalogue of the Mediaeval Ivories Enamels Jewellery Gems etc, Ormonde M Dalton 1876
Etude sur les Pierres Precieuses Suivie de L eruption du Vesuve en 1872, Sautelet de Lagraviere 1876
Le livre de bijouterie de Rene Boyvin, d Angers, Rene Boyvin 1876
Des Pierres Gravees Employees dans les Sceaux du Moyen age, Germain Demay 1877
Finger-ring Lore Historical Legendary Anecdotal, William Jones 1877
Finger-ring Lore Historical Legendary Anecdotal 2nd edition, William Jones 1877
Epigrammata graeca ex lapidibus conlecta, Georg Kaibel 1878
History and Mystery of Precious Stones, William Jones 1880
Monographie du Diamant, Henri Jacobs Nicolas Chatrian 1880
A Memoir on the Diamond, John Murray 1881
Diamant et Pierres Precieuses, Edouard Jannettaz Eugene Fontenay Etc 1881
The Diamonds Coal and Gold of India, Valentine Ball 1881
The Goldsmiths Handbook, George Edward Gee 1881
The Story of the Diamond Necklace, Henry Vizetelly 1881
Art Work in Gold and Silver Modern, Henry Benjamin Wheatley 1882
Les lapidaires Francais, Leopold Charles Augustin Pannier 1882
Something about Neglected Gems Jaques & Marcus, New York 1882
The Diamond Signet of Queen Henrietta Maria, Charles Drury Edward Fortnum 1882
Leisure Hours Among the Gems, Augustus Choate Hamlin 1884
A Complete Guide to the Small Bronzes and Gems in the Naples Museum, Domenico Monaco 1883
Handbook of Engraved Gems, Charles William King 1885
Handbook of Engraved Gems 2nd ed, Charles William King 1885
The Art of Cutting and Polishing Diamonds, Isaac Hermann 1885
Precious Stones in Nature Art and Literature, Sarah Maria Burnham 1886
Voyages and Travels of Sir John Maundeville, Kt 1886
Whittiers Description of Precious Stones from old catalog, Henry C Whittier 1886
Correspondence Respecting the Ruby Mines of Upper Burmah Great Britain, Colonial Office 1887
Jade in British Columbia & Nephrite from Alaska, George M Dawson & A B Meyer 1887
Les Bijoux Anciens et Modernes, Eugene Fontenay 1887
The Gnostics and Their Remains Ancient and Mediaeval, Charles William King 1887
A Catalogue of Engraved Gems in the British Museum, A H Smith & A S Murray 1888
Diamonds and Gold of South Africa, Henry Mitchell 1888
Gold Gems and Pearls of Ceylon & India, A M Ferguson & John Ferguson 1888
A Short Account of an Expedition to The Jade Mine in Upper Burma, C H E Adamson 1889
Engraved Gems Their History and Place in Art, Maxwell Sommerville 1889
Histoire des Joyaux de la Couronne de France French Crown Jewels Vol 1-2, Germain Bapst 1889
Tier- und Pflanzenbilder auf Münzen und Gemmen des klassischen Alterums, Friedrich Imhoof-Blumer 1889
Catalogue of Mineralogical Gems, Mineralogical etc, C P Willimott & Co 1890
Gems and Precious Stones of North America, George F Kunz 1890
Pearl and Chank Fisheries of the Gulf of Manaar Ceylon, Edgar Thurston 1890
Stories About Famous Precious Stones, Adela Elizabeth Richards Orpen 1890
The Mystery of a Diamond, Frank H Converse 1890
The Engraved Gems of Classical Times, John Henry Middleton 1891
The Engraved Gems of Classical Times 2nd, John Henry Middleton 1891
Handbook of Greek Archaeology Vases Bronzes Gems Sculpture etc, Alexander Stuart Murray 1892
Natal Stones Sentiments and Superstitions Connected with Precious Stones, George F Kunz 1892
Palms and Pearls Or Scenes in Ceylon, Alan Arthur Walters 1892
Schedule of Gem-Stones, George F Glaser 1892
The Lewis Collection of Gems and Rings in Corpus Christi College, John Henry Middleton 1892
Watchmakers and Jewelers Practical Receipt Book A Workshop Companion, C E Walker 1892
Charles L Tiffany and the House of Tiffany & Co, 1893
Facts About Precious Stones from old catalog, Theodore A Kohn 1893
Illustrated Hand Book on Money Currency and Precious Metals 1509 to 1820, William Redman 1893
Canadian Gems, Precious Stones  and Collections of Minerals, 1894
Folk-lore of Precious Stones, George F Kunz 1894
Old English Plate Wilfred Joseph Cripps, 1894
Diamond Dyke, George Manville Fenn 1895
Notes of a Journey on the Upper Mekong Siam, Herbert Warington Smyth 1895
Pierres gravees des collections Marlborough et d Orleans, Reinach Salomon 1895
Quartz and its Varieties, Albert C Bates 1895
Suggestions for Presents, Ambrose Kent & Sons 1895
The History of Mount Mica of Maine USA, Augustus Choate Hamlin 1895
The History of Mount Mica of Maine USA 2nd ed, Augustus Choate Hamlin 1895
Gems and Precious Stones, Henry G Smith 1896
Intaglio Engraving Past and Present, Edward Renton 1896
Opals from a Mexican Mine, George De Valliere, Pseud George F. Duysters 1896
The Koh-i-noor of the British Diadem Verse, Edward Gibbon Swann 1896
Genesis and Matrix of The Diamond, Henry Carvill Lewis 1897
The English Regalia, Cyril Davenport 1897
Abbotts American Watchmaker and Jeweler Encyclopedia, Henry G Abbott 1898
Barnato Barney ie Barnett Isaacs 1852-1897 a Memoir, Harry Raymond 1898
Hand Book to Foreign Hall Marks on Gold and Silver Plate, Christopher A Markham 1898
Le Diamant Nature Origine Histoire Commerce, Albert Janesich 1898
The Pearl Divers and Crusoes of the Sargasso Sea, Gordon Stables 1898
The Tears of the Heliades, W Arnold Buffum 1898
Gilda Aurifabrorum a History of English Goldsmiths and Plateworkers, William Chaffers 1899
20th century
Catalogue of Very Beautiful Cosway Bindings with Miniatures on Ivory, Miss Currie, 19xx
Chats on Old Jewellery & Trinkets, MacIver Percival, 191x
Diamond Hall Catalogue, Ryrie Bros Toronto Canada, 190x
Henry D Morse & Charles M Field Scrapbook (including extra), 19xx
The Diamond Necklace, Countess de La Motte, 19xx

Antique_Chinese_porcelains, jades, ivory carvings etc, William Churchill Oastler, 1900

Cameos, Cyril_Davenport, 1900
Enamels and Enamelling, Paul Randau, 1900
Ivory carving in the NW Provinces and Oudh India,  Lawrence Morley Stubbs, 1900
Marie Antoinette and the Diamond Necklace from Another Point of View, F de Albini, 1900
The Tears of the Heliades, W Arnold Buffum, 1900
Pearls, Their Occurrence in the United States, etc, George Frederick Kunz, 1900
A Hand-Book of Precious Stones, Meyer D Rothschild, 1901
Monograph on Ivory Carving in Burma, Henry Sheldon Pratt, 1901
The Alfred Jewel, an Historical Essay, Earle John, 1901
Cagliostro and Company a Sequel to the Story of the Diamond Necklace, Frantz Funck-Brentano, 1902
Histoire de la gravure sur gemmes en France, Ernest Babelon, 1902
London of Today Handbook for the Season Coronation 1902, Charles Eyre Pascoe
Modern Design in Jewellery and Fans, Charles Holme, 1902
My Trip to the Diamond Fields of British Guiana, Walter Grainge White, 1902
The Diamond Mines of South Africa, Gardner Fred Williams, 1902
The Diamond Mines of South Africa, 2nd edition, Gardner Fred Williams, 1902
The Iroquois Silver Brooches, Freemasonic, Harriet Maxwell Converse,1902
The Ivory King, a Popular History of the Elephant and its Allies, Charles Frederick Holder, 1902
The Ivory Workers of the Middle Ages, Anna Maria Elizabeth Cust, 1902
The Waddesdon Bequest to the British Museum, Baron Ferdinand Rothschild, 1902
Catalogue de la Collection de Pierres Precieuses of James Pierpont Morgan, George F Kunz, 1903
News 1903, Russian $15000 Pearl Necklace
Gems and Gem Minerals, Oliver Cummings Farrington, 1903
Jewellers Silversmiths and Kindred Traders, Accounts for Manufacturing Jewellers Etc, Allen Edwards, 1903
Les Richesses Minerales de L'Afrique, L'or, les Metaux, le Diamant etc, L de Launay, 1903
Precious Stones, a Book of Reference for Jewellers, Wallis Richard Cattelle, 1903
Silverwork and Jewelry, H Wilson edited by W R Lethaby, 1903
Edelsteinkunde, Precious Stones, Max Hermann Bauer, to english by L J Spencer, 1904
The Brooches of Many Nations, Harriet A Heaton, 1904
The Emerald Book, Shreve & Company San Francisco California, 1904
Ancient Axe-Head in the Morgan collection, American Museum of Natural History, George F Kunz, 1905
English Goldsmiths, Their Marks, a History of the Goldsmiths - Charles James Jackson, 1905
Gems, Jewelers Materials and Ornamental Stones of California, George F Kunz, 1905
News 1905, Chauffeur returned  $18000 Necklace, Mrs Barney
Jewellery, Cyril Davenport, 1905
Precious Stones, Arthur Herbert Church, 1905
The Diamond Mines of South Africa, Vol 1 of 2, Gardner Fred Williams, 1905
The Pearl Oyster Fisheries of the Gulf of Manaar Ceylon, Parts 1-5, W A Herdman, 1903-1905
European Enamels, Henry Hardinge Samuel Cunynghame, 1906
The Art of Enamelling Upon Metal, Alexander Fisher, 1906
The Gem-Cutters Craft, Leopold Claremont, 1906
The life of Benvenuto Cellini vol 1-2, Benvenuto Cellini, 1906
Catalogue of the Finger Rings, Greek, Etruscan and Roman, F H Marshall, 1907
Collection of Watches, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, George A. Hearn, 1907
History of the Gems Found in North Carolina, George F Kunz, 1907
History of the Gems Found in North Carolina, 2nd edition,  George F Kunz, 1907
In the Land of Pearl and Gold, Australia & New Guinea, Alexander MacDonald, 1907
Japanese Cultured Pearls, K Mikimoto, 1907
News 1908, City Examiner Arrested Necklace
Precious Stones for Curative Wear & The Nobler Metals, William Thomas Fernie, 1907
The Pearl its Story its Charm and its Value, Wallis Richard Cattelle, 1907
Catalogue of the Famous Blackborne Museum, Arthur Blackborne, 1908
Diamonds in Arkansas, The Discovery and Investigation, Arkansas Diamond Company, 1908
Industrial Art How it is Advanced by Art Education, George F Kunz, 1908
Jewellery, Harold Clifford Smith, 1908
Miniatures, Ancient and Modern, Cyril Davenport, 1908
Pearls & Parasites, Arthur Everett Shipley, 1908
Precious Stones, Wilbert Goodchild & Robert Dykes, 1908
The Book Of The Pearl, NYC Edition - George F. Kunz & Charles H. Stevenson, 1908
The Diamond, John Kay, 1908
The Hall of Fame, Proceedings of the Second Unveiling of Memorial Tablets, George F. Kunz, 1908
The Pearl Divers of Roncador Reef and Other Stories, Becke Louis, 1908
The Ruby of Kishmoor, Howard Pyle, 1908
A Book of Precious Stones, Julius Wodiska, 1909
Catalogue of the Ivory Carvings of The Christian Era, Ormonde M Dalton, 1909
Diamonds, Sir William Crookes, 1909
Diamonds, 2nd edition, Sir William Crookes, 1909
Precious Stones in Old English Literature, Robert Max Garrett, 1909
The Pearl, 14th Century Poem Symbolism Allegory and Autobiography, William H Schofield, 1909
Aspects of Death, Illustrated by Medals, Engraved Gems and Jewels, Frederick Parkes Weber, 1910
Catalogue of a Collection of Merovingian Antiquities, Belonging to J Pierpont Morgan, 1910
Preserving the Pearl-oyster Fisheries and Increasing Value of the Yield of Pearls, John I Solomon, 1910
The Arts and Crafts of Our Teutonic Forefathers, Gerard Baldwin Brown, 1910
Through One Hundred Years 1810-1910, Black Starr and Frost, NYC, 1910
Birks Year Book, Henry Birks and Sons, 1911
Catalogue of the Jewellery, Greek, Etruscan and Roman in the British Museum, F H Marshall, 1911
Der Diamant Eine Studie, Aleksandr E Fersman & V Goldschmidt, 1911
Geology of the Pegmatites of Maine, Edson Sunderland Bastin, 1911
Gold and Silversmiths Catalogue 1911, United Watch and Jewelry Company, 1911
The Chemistry Properties and Tests of Precious Stones, John Mastin, 1911
The Diamond, Wallis Richard Cattelle, 1911
The Diamond Necklace, Frantz Funck-Brentano, 1911
Catalogue of the Finger Rings, Early Christian, Byzantine, Teutonic & Mediaeval, Ormonde M Dalton, 1912
Catalogue of the Mediaeval Ivories, Enamels, Jewellery, Gems etc, 2nd edition, Ormonde M Dalton, 1912
Engraved Gems, Signets, Talismans and Ornamental Intaglios - Ancient and Modern, Duffield Osborne, 1912
Guide to the Collection of Gemstones in the Museum of Practical Geology, W F P McLintock, 1912
Guide to the Collection of Gemstones in the Museum of Practical Geology, 2nd edition, W F P McLintock, 1912
Jade, a Study in Chinese Archaeology and Religion, Berthold Laufer, 1912
Silverwork and Jewelry, H Wilson, edited by W R Lethaby, 1912
Studies on Ceylon Pearl-oysters, Pearls and The Cestode Theory of Pearl Production, Henry L Jameson, 1912
News 1913, Stolen Necklace
Diamonds Pearls & Precious Stones, Marcell N Smith, 1913
Pearls and Pearling, Herbert Harvey Vertrees, 1913
Pearls, William John Dakin, 1913
The Diamond Necklace, Thomas Carlyle, 1913
The Geology of the Hudson River and its Relation to Bridges and Tunnels, George F. Kunz 1913
How to Make Jewelry, George Stephen Overton, 1914
The Ants of the Baltic Amber, William Morton Wheeler, 1914
The Handy Book, Containing Tables Rules and the Working of the Precious Metals, Handy and Harman, 1914
The Mussel Resources of the Illinois River and Pearl Fisheries, Ernest Danglade, 1914
Peeps Into the Psychic World-the Occult Influence of Jewels, Mary M Crawford, 1915
Pounamu Notes on New Zealand Greenstone, Horatio Gordon Robley, 1915
The Diamond, A Study in Chinese and Hellenistic Folk-Lore - by Berthold Laufer, 1915
The Great Diamond Hoax and the Life of Asbury Harpending, J H Wilkins, 1915
The Magic of Jewels & Charms,  George F. Kunz, 1915
The Pearl Fishers, Henry De Vere Stacpoole, 1915
The Turquoise - History, Mineralogy, Geology, Ethnology etc, Joseph E Pogue, 1915
Gems, Helen Barlett Bridgman, 1916
Ivory and The Elephant; in Art, in Archaeology, and in Science, George F. Kunz, 1916
PW Ellis & Co Ltd, the Jewellery of Canada, 1915-1916
Shakespeare and Precious Stones, George F. Kunz, 1916
The Story of the Pearl, Sherman Foote Denton, 1916
Chats on Old Silver, Arthur Hayden, 1917
Gems and Precious Stones of Arizona, Frank L Culin Jr, 1916-17
Rings for the Finger, George F. Kunz, 1917
Rings for the Finger, 2nd edition, George F. Kunz, 1917
The Jewelry Department Beulah, Elfreth Kennard, 1917
A Text-book of Precious Stones for Jewelers and the Gem-loving Public, Frank Bertram Wade, 1918
Enamels, Robert Dallas Landrum, 1918
Antique Jewellery and Trinkets, Frederick William Burgess, 1919
Diamond Design, Marcel Tolkowsky, 1919
Fresh-water Mussels and Mussel Industries & Button Pearls of the USA, Robert Ervin Coker, 1919
Gem-Stones and Their Distinctive Characters, George Frederick Herbert Smith, 1919
Gem-Stones and Their Distinctive Characters, 2nd edition, George Frederick Herbert Smith, 1919
Up the Mazaruni for Diamonds, British Guiana, William La Varre, 1919
Catalogue of Engraved Gems of the Classical Style, Gisela Marie Augusta Richter, 1920
Operating Expenses in Retail Jewelry Stores in 1919, Harvard University, 1920
The Lewes House Collection of Ancient Gems, John Davidson Beazley, 1920
English Jewellery from the Fifth Century AD to 1800, Joan Evans, 1921
The Jewel House Crown Jewels of Great Britain, George John Younghusband, 1921
The Pearl, 14th Century English Poem, Giovanni Boccaccio 1313-1375, edited by Sir Israel Gollancz, 1921
News 1922, Catherine II Cartier Pearl Necklace
Amber, Elizabeth F Parker, 1922
Gemmen und Kameen des Altertums und der Neuzeit 1695, Georg Lippold, 1922
Hall Marks on Gold & Silver Plate, William Chaffers, 1922
Handbook & Descriptive Catalogue of the Collections of Gems & Precious Stones,
US National Museum 1922
The Book of Talismans Amulets and Zodiacal Gems, William Thomas Pavitt, 1922
The Inca Emerald, Samuel Scoville, 1922
Amber Its Physical Properties and Geological Occurrances, Oliver C Farrington, 1923
Early Chinese Jades, Una Pope-Hennessy, 1923
Mediaeval Craftsmanship and the Modern Amateur, Newton Wethered, 1923
Ivory in China, Berthold Laufer, 1925
Agate, Physical Properties and Origin, Archaeology and Folk-lore, Oliver C Farrington, 1927
Stones Metals and Gems, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly P Hall, 1928
Famous Diamonds, Oliver Cummings Farrington, 1929
Gems and Gem Minerals, Part 2 Vol 3, page 169-331, William F Foshag, 1929
Epiphanius de gemmis Epiphanius Saint, Bishop of Constantia in Cyprus, 1934
Diamond Jim, Parker Morell, 1935
Asterism in Garnet, Spinel, Quartz and Sapphire, Albert J Walcott, 1937
The Curious Lore Of Precious Stones, George F. Kunz, 1938
Quartz Family Minerals, Henry Carl Dake, 1938
Italian Drawings for Jewelry 1700-1875, Cooper Union Museum, 1940
Jewelry, Gem Cutting and Metalcraft, William T Baxter & Henry C Dake, 1942
Dictionary of Gems and Gemology, GIA, Robert M Shipley, 1948
Gems & Gemology, GIA, complete 1934-1980
Origins of Gemology in Pictures, Joseph O. Gill, 1976
Gemological Literature in the English Language, GIA 1st International Symposium, Joseph Gill, 1982
An Overview of Production of Specific US Gemstones, USGS Special Publication 14, 1995
USGS Minerals Yearbook 1932-1999 (80 Mb)
USGS MSC Gemstones 1996-1999
21th century
USGS Minerals Yearbook 2000
USGS Minerals Yearbook 2001
USGS Minerals Yearbook 2002
USGS Minerals Yearbook 2003
USGS Minerals Yearbook 2004
USGS Minerals Yearbook 2005
USGS Minerals Yearbook 2006
USGS Minerals Yearbook 2007
USGS MSC Gemstones 2000-2011







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