Name: Conny Forsberg
Born: May 1961
Nationality: Swedish
Formal gemological education: Gem-A 1986-1987, diploma 1987. Diamond grading HRD, Antwerp 1993.
Fellow Member of Gem-A, Swedish Gemmological Association and AGA
Moderator at Gemology Online
Gemological and gem trading experience:

Gem cutter since 1983
RUBECO, Sweden 1987 - 1990; Part owner, senior gemologist head of cutting dep.
GeoCity, Sweden 1991 - 1993; Part owner, CEO, senior gemologist.
Octahedron AB, Sweden 1993 - 1998; Owner, senior gemologist, diamond and colored stone cutter, photomicrographer. Accredited appraiser for Chamber of Commerce East Sweden.
Swedish Gem AB 2006 - present; Owner, senior gemologist, precision cutter and photomicrographer.














Gem-A Photographic Competition
2013 (Honourable mention)


Columbia Café
2012-02-17 to 2012-04-05
Gem-A Photographic Competition
2011 (Honourable mention)
Boxholms Kommun, Biblioteket
2011-09-12 to 2011-09-30
Annual Garden Art Exhibition
1998 - 2009
Galleri Kopparslagaren, Hultsfred
Kisa Wärdshus/Kinda art association
Swedish Tissue, Kisa
CSM, Linköping




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