Gill's Historical Index To Gems And Jewelry Online,

Including Journals, Articles and Books From 1652 through today



Joseph Gill has spent a lifetime collecting over 20,000 listings of gem and jewelry related topics spanning over 350 years. It contains all works in the English language arranged chronologically and by subject, with over 350 direct links to downloads enabling one to read or download any of the titles for their personal use. Although, this in itself would be a remarkable legacy, it is only one facet of the truly exceptional life of an extraordinary altruist.


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The Library is divided into 3 parts.


Part 1: Chronologically
Sections: -16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21th centuries.



Links to the library is found in the right column of this side. We hope you will enjoy it and that the contents will provide as much enthusiasm as usable facts on the fascinating science of gemology. If any copyrighted material has been published by misstake, please contact Swedish Gem and we will remove any such material immediately.


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