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Gems not specified on their own can be seen below. Images are shot with a Nikon D40X and a Tamron 90 mm macro lens.they have not been enhanced in any way except for reducing of dust spots and in some cases for exposure and white balance.


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Weight: 1.14 ct
Clarity: I (no black spots, see image)
Color: Natural Fancy Brownish Pink
Cut: Oval (cushion) Good/Good
Measurements: 7.19x5.81x3.83 mm
Table 55%, Crown 17.5%, Pavillion 41%, pointed culet, faceted girdle
Fluorescence: Slight (blue)
Treatment: None all natural
Comments: Cut and polished in Idar Oberstein, very good polish. A very nice looking stone at a great price. IGI Antwerp report.
Item #: DM-2013-01-GP
Price: 14 750 US$ or 11 495 per carat.


Weight: 3.14 ct
Clarity: VVS (IF)
Color: Bright yellow (Y)
Cut: Round
Cut and polished by: Unknown

Origin: Cambodia
Measurements: 7.50x5.00 mm
Treatment: None
Comments: Very nice polish and lots of dispersion.
Item #: ZR-2011-01-CDJ


Weight: 4.26 ct
Clarity: VVS (IF)
Color: Orange (O)
Cut: Oldugese (Conny Forsberg)
Cut and polished by: Conny Forsberg

Origin: Tanzania
Measurements: 8.60x8.17x5.86 mm
Treatment: None
Comments: Precision cut. Color with pinkish overtones in daylight.
Item #: ZR-2011-02-TNZ


Weight: 3.24 ct 
Clarity: VS
Color: Straw yellow
Cut: Novice2
Cut and polished by: Conny Forsberg

Origin: Mexico
Treatment: None
Comments: Small feather close to girdle.
Item #: BTW-2010-01-MXO


Weight: 2.17 ct
Clarity: I
Color: Green
Cut: Improvised triangle
Cut and polished by: Conny Forsberg

Origin: Pakistan
Measurements: 8.98x7.78x5.56 mm
Treatment: None
Comments: Very nice color and quite brilliant regardless of clarity grade.
Item #: PDT-2011-01-PAK

Weight: 1.91 ct
Clarity: VS
Color: Green
Cut: Pentagon mix
Cut and polished by: Conny Forsberg

Origin: Pakistan
Measurements: 8.05x4.56 mm
Treatment: None
Comments: Brilliant stone. Thin veil inside which do not detract from beuty.
Item #: PDT-2011-02-PAK

Weight: 1.88 ct
Clarity: I
Color: Green
Cut: Pentagon
Cut and polished by: Conny Forsberg

Origin: Pakistan
Measurements: 7.90x5.02 mm
Treatment: None
Comments: Intriguing Ludwigite inclusions throughout stone.
Item #: PDT-2011-03-PAK

Weight: 2.24 ct
Clarity: SI2
Color: Yellowish Green

Cut: Pentagram
Cut and polished by: Conny Forsberg
Origin: Czech Republic
Measurements: 9.29x8.83x4.26 mm
Treatment: None
Comments: Typical inclusions from the classical locale for moldavite. Pentagram polished rest frosted.
Item #: MLD-1996-01-CZ

Sphene, pair
Weight: 2.54 ct
Clarity: SI
Color: Greenish Yellow
Cut: Pear
Cut and polished by: Unknown

Origin: Madagascar
Measurements: Stone 1: 7.59x5.47x4.54 mm Stone 2: 7.49x5.45x4.50 mm

Treatment: None
Comments: Great brilliance and dispersion not seen in image.
Item #: SPH-2010-01-MAD

Lapis Lazuli
Weight: 6.42 ct
Clarity: not applicable
Color: Royal blue with some pyrite specks
Cut: Oval
Cut and polished by: Conny Forsberg

Origin: Afghanistan
Measurements: 18.61x9.66x3.77 mm
Treatment: None
Comments: Top color
Item #: LLAZ-2001-01-AFG







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