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We present the Joseph Gill Library

Gill's Historical Index To Gems And Jewelry Online,

Including Journals, Articles and Books From 1652 through today


Swedish Gem AB has upon request published all non copyrighted parts of the, by Joseph Gill and other entities online, digitalised library consisting of antique as well as modern books and journals on gems and jewelry. The library has been gone through by Conny Forsberg to remove all copyright protected publications and to sort the remaining part in chronological order. In that way it can be found below. The books and puplications are in -pdf format and can be downloaded if so wished. The library is a gold mine for all that are interested in gems and jewelry from both scientific annd historical perspective.


Lots of effort has been put into the removal of copyright protected material. If you find any misstakes regarding this please notify owner of Swedish Gem AB and it will be corrected immediately.


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